Sustainability Strategies for
You and Your Supply Chain

Market demands for sustainability and transparency
are driving food companies and agriculture companies to act.

We’re here to help.

How We Work

We are experts in supply chain sustainability. We collaborate with organizations, supply chains, third-party certifications and multi-stakeholder initiatives to bring sustainability to the field-level.


What Our Clients Say

“The Sustainable Food Group has been instrumental in the global implementation of the Sustainably Grown certification program’s pesticide policy. Their expert knowledge in sustainable agriculture combined with an attention to detail in researching, reviewing, and reporting has proven invaluable.”

– Kevin Warner
Manager, Sustainable Agriculture

Equitable Food Initiative (EFI)

Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) certifies fresh produce farming operations under a rigorous set of standards covering labor…


SCS Global Services’ Sustainably Grown Certification Program

The Sustainable Food Group supports SCS Global Services’ Sustainably Grown certification program, specifically the Temporary…


At The Request of General Mills

In 2016 at the request of General Mills, we assessed pesticide use and the extent of integrated pest management (IPM)…