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Senate Health Committee Passes Chlorpyrifos-Banning Legislation

4/30/19: A bill that would ban the use of pesticides containing chlorpyrifos was passed by the Senate Health Committee in early April, step one in the process of a total ban becoming law. Read more on the Sun Herald.

Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops Partners with SupplyShift to build new online Stewardship Calculator

4/30/19: In order to support their goals of food industry collaboration towards greater natural resource management, improvements in productivity, environmental quality and human well-being, on Friday, the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC) announced a new partnership with SupplyShift to create an online Stewardship metric calculator tool. SupplyShift is a leading supplier management, responsible sourcing and supplier engagement technology platform. The SISC calculator will be available for the first time ever as a digital tool to measure on-farm sustainability metrics. Read the release from SISC here.

National Center for Appropriate Technology Hosting Sustainable Agriculture Trainings for Military Veterans

4/29/19: The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) is now accepting applications from military veterans who want to attend their week-long Armed to Farm (ATF) training in Vermont. ATF allows veterans and their spouses to experience sustainable, profitable small-scale farming enterprises and explore agriculture as a viable career. ATF’s engaging blend of farm tours, hands-on experience, and interactive classroom instruction gives participants a strong foundation in the basic principles of operating a sustainable farm. Participants learn about business planning, budgeting, recordkeeping, marketing, livestock production, fruit and ...

US Court Orders Trump EPA To Justify Use of Chlorpyrifos Within 90 Days

4/25/19: Last Friday, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals gave Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler three months to justify why chlorpyrifos should stay on the market. In 2017, Scott Pruitt, the EPA administrator at the time, declined to ban chlorpyrifos from use on food crops. Last August, the 9th District Court of Appeals ruled that Pruitt’s decision was in violation of federal law and directed the EPA to ban chlorpyrifos within 60 days. Wheeler fought the decision and didn't obey the court’s order. In September, the Justice Department filed a petition on behalf of the EPA, calling on the court to overturn its ...

New Sustainable Food Systems Video: 10 Tips to Support Sustainable Food Systems

4/17/2019: Following the 2018 UN High Level Political Forum, the One Planet network adopted 'food systems' as a cross-cutting theme for the year. Produced with the aim of helping audiences formulate personal actions, "10 Tips to Support Sustainable Food Systems" is the first video in a series. If you're interested in how your relationship with food can transform our food system, watch the video here.

North Central IPM Center Publishes Regenerative Agriculture Fact Sheet

4/17/2019: On April 11th, the North Central IPM Center released a regenerative agriculture fact sheet. It's intended to be a resource for Organic and IPM communities, or for anyone who wants to incorporate these principles into their production. You can access it here.

Maryland Senate Weighs Chlorpyrifos Ban

4/3/19: The Maryland state Senate will consider a bill to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos more than two weeks after a majority in the House of Delegates approved a statewide prohibition on its use. Chlorpyrifos has been linked to developmental harm in children, although the Trump administration's EPA has refused to uphold a federal ban. Read more on the Frederick News Post.

Read Western IPM Center’s April Newsletter Here

4/3/19: The Western IPM Center’s April edition of its monthly newsletter is now online. This issue contains: Their draft list of newly updated IPM and pest management priorities in the region. A introduction to the Western IPM Center's just-published 2018 annual report. A look at legislators bypassing regulators with proposed pesticide bans. Meetings, trainings, grants and jobs. Read it here.

Biofertilizers Making Progress In Agricultural Marketplace

4/3/19: Biofertilizers are fertilizers that contain living organisms. Compared to conventional fertilizers, they can reduce the amount of nutrients lost from cropland into the environment. This can have positive implications for water-quality issues in agricultural areas. Croplife readers were surveyed on how they perceived biologicals in the marketplace. According to respondents, 65% believed that one of the biggest barriers to future adoption for biofertilizer products was “a lack of trust in product performance.” This is one reason companies are investing in getting the word out about biofertilizers. Soil health is a big market driver for ...