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Agricultural Tech Startup Develops Incentives for Growers That Carbon Bank

6/24/19: Indigo Agriculture, an agricultural technology start up is rolling out  the Terraton Initiative: a carbon-banking project to move one trillion tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and into agricultural soils. This is a four-pronged strategy, involving a carbon market with incentives for growers that implement regenerative strategies, an open sourced carbon study, the "Terraton Challenge" to encourage the development of new technologies and the "Terraton Cup" to inspire competition and innovation. Read more on Triple Pundit

EPA to Change Pesticide Evaluation Criteria After Pressure from Organophosphate Manufacturers

6/19/19: After receiving pushback from the manufacturers of three organophosphate insecticides, the EPA is reevaluating its process for determining the risk level of pesticides, an approach established in 2015. " Traditionally, the agency has used the maximum allowed usages stated on the pesticide label. Pesticide manufacturers claim that approach is overly conservative. The EPA now proposes evaluating risks using actual pesticide use data from various sources. Environmental groups argue that doing so would exclude from the analysis large geographical areas where no pesticide use data are available. " Read more on Chemical & Engineering News

UK Accused of Eroding Human Health Protections in Brexit Pesticide Policy Conversion Process

6/13/19: An analysis by the University of Sussex’s UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) has found serious departures from human health safety standards in the pages of pesticide policy being converted from EU to British law in the wake of Brexit, a process largely sold to the public as a technical exercise. Read more on The Guardian.

Rainy Planting Season Forces Midwestern Farmers to Choose Between Planting Now or Next Season

6/6/19: The New Food Economy published an article last Friday detailing the heavy rain and shrinking planting window facing Midwestern farmers this season. This year, weather has pushed the planting season perilously close to its limit, says Scott Irwin, an agricultural economist at the University of Illinois. “We’re about 20 percentage points behind the worst years of the last 40,” he says, when it comes to late planting of corn. “We are into uncharted territory.” Usually, by this time of year, farmers have planted 90 percent of their corn. As of Sunday, only 58 percent of the acreage has been planted, making it the slowest year on ...