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IR-4 Program Moving to North Carolina

8/20/19: A federal research program that provides safe and effective pest management solutions to specialty crop producers will be moving from Rutger's Agricultural Research Station in New Jersey to North Carolina State University. Read more on Fruit Grower News.

Sustainable Agriculture, Research, and Education Publishes Cover Crop Resources

8/16/19: SARE (Sustainable Agriculture, Research, and Education) has released a set of 10 free, downloadable fact sheets on cover cropping, addressing topics like cover crops in nutrient management, erosion, infiltration, soil organic matter, supporting wildlife and beneficial insects and carbon sequestration. They are available for use by educators, growers and anyone else interested in learning more. You can find them here.

Measuring Pesticide Risk Reduction on Equitable Food Initiative-Certified Farms

Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) certifies fresh produce farming operations under a rigorous set of standards covering labor practices, food safety and pest management. Certification leads to a more collaborative and respectful work environment, an engaged workforce and improved working conditions for over 29,000 workers employed on farms with EFI-trained leadership teams. As part of achieving certification, farms also implement integrated pest management practices to reduce pesticide use and risks, and certified growers use the Pesticide Risk Tool to assess the risks associated with their farm’s pesticide usage. As part of EFI’s commitment to ...