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Help the Great Lakes Hop Working Group Identify Research and Outreach Needs

9/30/19: The Great Lakes Hop Working Group was founded in 2016 to connect and expand the network of hop educators and researchers working in the Midwestern and Eastern U.S, and to address industry needs through research and outreach. If you're a hop-grower in the great lakes region, you can help them by taking this three-minute survey. The results will help determine the course of future efforts by the Working Group. Please complete the survey before Oct. 31, 2019. Read more about the survey here.

New Beekeeping Tool Predicts Colony Overwintering Viability

9/19/19: A new tool from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) can predict the likelihood of honey bee colonies overwintered in cold storage remaining large enough to rent to almond growers in late winter. Avoiding overwintering the wrong colonies is crucial to the profitability of a beekeeping operation. Read more on Morning Ag Clips.

Sustainable Food and Land Use Transformation Could Boost Economy $4.5 Trillion

9/17/19: The benefits of transitioning our food system into a sustainable one (encompassing production, distribution, consumption and waste) would far outweigh the costs, according to a major study. Read more on BusinessGreen.

Record number of dicamba-related complaints in Illinois

9/11/2019: Illinois saw a record number of pesticide misuse complaints in 2019, and 76% (648 out of 853) were related to suspected damage from dicamba. This is after the Illinois Department of Agriculture required state-specific additional use restrictions on over-the-top applications of dicamba to dicamba-tolerant soybeans in the 2019 growing season, based on the number of complaints in 2017 and 2018. Read more here: IFCA Gives Dicamba Update Illinois Dept of Ag State-Specific Dicamba Restrictions Modern Farmer: Dicamba Drift is Still Happening