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PBS Newshour Reports on Sustainable Farming in Iowa

As part of the PBS "Future of Food" series, Mark Bittman visited Iowa to interview growers and discuss sustainable agriculture in an episode released this week. "This highly mechanized system is depleting Iowa's topsoil, the most nutrient-rich layer. About half of it has already disappeared. Liebman is researching ways to combat the destruction, by growing something called "prairie strips" — plots of native grasses and wildflowers, planted along-side traditional crops."- Mark Bittman

More Biologically Based Options Needed to Protect Crops and Reduce Environmental, Health Impacts

10/09/19: In a new article published in the international journal Biological Control, three authors affiliated with Cornell University and the IPM Institute of North America call for increasing investment in biologically based approaches to control pests in agriculture. Read Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management in Organic and Conventional Systems here.