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Triple Pundit Reports on What the Government Shutdown Means for Your Food

1/10/19: The government shutdown initiated by a budget fight over Trump's border wall has entered its third week. Triple Pundit published an article today detailing how the shutdown may affect routine FDA inspections. "With hundreds of investigators on unpaid leave, the Food and Drug Administration has suspended routine inspections of U.S. food-processing facilities, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday. ...FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said he hopes to have some inspectors back on the job next week to visit facilities considered “high-risk”—think: those processing soft cheeses, seafood and fresh vegetables. “We are doing what we ...

Environmental Defense Fund Reports on How The Farm Bill Changes the Future of Climate and Water Conservation

1/2/19: A 12/12/18 post on the Environmental Defense Fund's blog analyzes the smaller provisions within the 2018 Farm Bill that have the potential to open up new approaches to climate and water conservation. These include incentives for growers to protect water quality, a directive for the federal government to “recognize and encourage partnerships at the watershed level between nonpoint sources and regulated point sources,” and an annual $25 million for on-farm trials to experiment with conservation approaches. Read more here.

Center for Biological Diversity Reports on Trump Approval of Antibiotics as Citrus Pesticide in Florida and California

1/2/19: On December 27, the Center for Biological Diversity issued a press release addressing the Trump administration's decision to permit the expansion of streptomycin (an antibiotic regularly used on humans) spraying on all US citrus crops. The largest amounts of streptomycin will be deployed in Florida and California. “Trump’s EPA is taking us in a dangerous new direction,” said Nathan Donley, a senior scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity. “Researchers have been telling us for decades to curb the use of antibiotics in agriculture or risk losing them forever. The Trump administration has chosen to ignore the science and ...

USDA Releases New Reports on Antibiotics and Pesticide Residue

12/28/18: The USDA recently released two reports, one analyzing pesticide residue and one analyzing antibiotics in the US food supply. The pesticide report found that “In 2017, over 99 percent of the samples tested had residues well below the tolerances established by the EPA with 53 percent having no detectable pesticide residue". The study also found that 3.3% of samples had residues of pesticides with no established tolerances. Read more from the American Council of Science and Health here.

Online Coverage Breaks Down the Farm Bill

12/27/18: On December 12, congress passed an $867 billion farm Farm Bill after two months of negotiations. The bill is a massive piece of legislation, containing funding for nutrition programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commodity programs, federal crop insurance, and conservation. The bill also legalizes hemp, supports local food production and farmer's markets and doesn't contain cuts to food stamps, although it does contain spending adjustments to SNAP that won't affect individual benefits. Learn more about the Farm Bill through the coverage below. Washington Post: Congress just passed an $867 billion farm bill. ...

Three New Members Named to Field to Market’s Science Advisory Council

12/19/2018: Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture recently appointed three new members to the Science Advisory Council, including IPM Institute of North America president and co-founder Dr. Tom Green. This body provides expert guidance to Field to Market’s membership to ensure the best available science underpins the Alliance’s approach to sustainability. Read more in the Field to Market press release here.

Equitable Food Initiative Looks Back on Successes in 2018

12/13/18: The Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) counts it's successes in 2018 in this article on the Packer. “Our mission is to bring together growers, farm workers, retailers and consumers to transform agriculture and improve the lives of farm workers,” LeAnne Ruzzamenti, director of marketing and communications for EFI, said in the release. “So, when we get feedback from growers that our certification program is making a difference in not just improving their business but also improving the lives of farm workers, we know we’re on track in achieving our mission, and that’s more valuable than awards.”

Read World Wildlife Fund and ISEAL’s White Paper on Voluntary Sustainability Standards

12/07/18: World Wildlife Fund and ISEAL Alliance enlisted Aid Environment to develop a white paper on how voluntary sustainability standards can bring about broader changes, like facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue, engaging public or private sector on policy change, and sharing resources and tools. Read a discussion of the white paper and access the paper here

Research the Sustainability Footprint of Your Food With the Real Food Encyclopedia

11/30/18: FoodPrint now offers an online encyclopedia of food sustainability, where you can find information on the environmental footprint of over 200 food items, along with shopping and cooking tips. Click here for FoodPrint's Real Food Encyclopedia

New California Recommendations on Chlorpyrifos Restrictions

11/29/18: On November 15, California regulators recommended new restrictions on the use of chlorpyrifos, a pesticide deemed dangerous by a federal appeals court in August. These temporary guidelines include banning it from crop dusting, discontinuing its use on most crops and increasing perimeters around where it’s applied. Read more on The Californian.