Our Mission

Sustainable Food Group exists to help food and agriculture companies and supply chains create high-impact, sustainable outcomes for their business, people and the environment. We do this through innovative research, tools to measure progress and by developing field-to-retailer programs that are tailored to balance the needs of all stakeholders.

Where we Stand

We envision a world where food is grown in sync with natural processes and where agriculture and food companies are a force for good, directly benefiting workers, consumers, water, air, climate, biodiversity and soil.

Recent years have seen a sharp rise in consumer demands to produce and process food in a way that minimizes risks to human health and the environment while improving visibility into these practices. Driven by a rise in consumer consciousness, calls for action on climate change are motivating organizations in the food and agriculture supply chain to act. Agriculture and food are among the largest contributors to climate change and present some of the most promising opportunities for mitigation.

From grower to retailer, Sustainable Food Group can help you respond to the increasing challenges and opportunities.

  • We approach sustainability holistically.

    Leveraging over 20 years of experience helping companies and supply chains mitigate pesticide risk, we work with clients to improve pest management, soil health, air and water quality, working conditions and reduce risks to human health and the environment.

  • We bring sustainability to the field-level.

    When developing programs, we engage growers from the outset to ensure feasibility, and we leverage our expertise in sustainable production practices.

  • We work with every level of the agricultural supply chain.

    Our clients are businesses and professionals with a desire to bring about real improvements in agricultural sustainability. We serve growers, fresh-packers, processors, brokers, distributors and retailers.

  • We develop customized programs.

    We understand that every organization we work with has different goals, risks and challenges. Whether we are developing a sustainable sourcing program, managing pests, reducing pesticide-related risks or training growers, our programs are customized to our clients’ specific needs.

  • We focus on measurable results and help you craft your success story.

    Our tools simplify measuring performance, tracking progress and communicating results to stakeholders.

For more information, visit Our Approach, Our Services, and our Projects and Initiatives.

Our Story

The IPM Institute of North America has over 20 years of experience working to improve agricultural sustainability through integrated pest management (IPM) and other best practices to reduce pesticide use and risks.

Anticipating a growing demand for sustainability programs that go beyond a focus on IPM, IPM Institute’s focus expanded to encompass a broad range of agricultural sustainability issues. Our work grew to include partnerships and projects with food and agricultural companies along the supply chain, from growers to packers and processors to retailers.

In 2014, IPM Institute launched Sustainable Food Group to focus specifically on developing and implementing programs to advance sustainability in food and agriculture.

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